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Bring interactivity to your site with a selection of jQuery widgets (plugins) all built with accessibility and usability in mind.

Tab tab.js

Add quick, dynamic tab functionality to transition through panes of content.

Incompatible Widgets

For accessibility reasons, do not mix use of the Tab widget and Dropdown widget in the same nav item. This will cause navigation and usability issues. One or the other, but not both.



The tab widget works with tab or pill style navigation.

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<ul class="nav nav-tabs">
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#tabpanel1" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Tab 1</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item active"><a href="#tabpanel2" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Tab 2</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#tabpanel3" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Tab 3</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#tabpanel4" class="nav-link disabled" data-cfw="tab">Tab 4</a></li>
<div class="tab-content">
    <div class="tab-pane" id="tabpanel1">
    <div class="tab-pane" id="tabpanel2">
    <div class="tab-pane" id="tabpanel3">
    <div class="tab-pane" id="tabpanel4">


Tabs need to be activated individually.

Via Data Attributes

Add data-cfw="tab" to each tab element. The target tab pane can be specified either by the data attribue data-cfw-tab-target="#tabPane0" or from the <a href="#tabPane0">, where the target pane has an id="tabPane0".

To set a default active tab, add the class .active to the parent <li> of the trigger item.

<!-- Nav tabs -->
<ul class="nav nav-tabs">
    <li class="nav-item active"><a href="#home" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Home</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#profile" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Profile</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#messages" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab">Messages</a></li>
    <li class="nav-item"><a href="#" class="nav-link" data-cfw="tab" data-cfw-tab-target="#settings">Settings</a></li>

<!-- Tab panes -->
<div class="tab-content">
    <div class="tab-pane" id="home">...</div>
    <div class="tab-pane" id="profile">...</div>
    <div class="tab-pane" id="messages">...</div>
    <div class="tab-pane" id="settings">...</div>

Via JavaScript

You can activate individual tabs in several ways:

$('#myTab a[href="#profile"]').CFW_Tab('show'); // Select tab by name
$('#myTab a:first').CFW_Tab('show');            // Select first tab
$('#myTab a:last').CFW_Tab('show');             // Select last tab
$('#myTab li:eq(2) a').CFW_Tab('show');         // Select third tab (0-indexed)


Options can be passed via data attributes or JavaScript. For data attributes, append the option name to data-cfw-tab, as in data-cfw-tab-animate="false".

Name Type Default Description
animate boolean true If the tab pane target should fade in and out.
speed integer 350 Speed of animation (milliseconds) - corresponds the animation speed specified in CSS.
hidden boolean true Use the aria-hidden attribute on the target container to indicate visibility status to screen readers.



Activates the content as a tab element. Accepts an optional options object.

$('#myTab a').CFW_Tab({
    animate: false


Shows the tab-pane for a given tab, and hides all sibling tab-pane items.


Event callbacks happen on the toggle/trigger element.

When showing a new tab, the events fire in the following order:

  • (on the current active tab)
  • (on the to-be-shown tab)
  • (on the previous active tab, the same one as for the event)
  • (on the newly-active just-shown tab, the same one as for the event)
Event Type Description This event fires after the tab item is initialized. This event fires on tab show, but before the new tab has been shown. Use and event.relatedTarget to target the active tab and the previous active tab (if available) respectively. This event fires on tab show after a tab has been shown. Use and event.relatedTarget to target the active tab and the previous active tab (if available) respectively. This event fires when a new tab is to be shown (and thus the previous active tab is to be hidden). Use and event.relatedTarget to target the current active tab and the new soon-to-be-active tab, respectively. This event fires after a new tab is shown (and thus the previous active tab is hidden). Use and event.relatedTarget to target the previous active tab and the new active tab, respectively.

$('a[data-cfw="tab"]').on('', function(e) { // newly activated tab
    e.relatedTarget // previous active tab