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Figuration v4.3 is now available!

Dozens of utility classes with a single purpose designed to reduce the frequency of highly repetitive declarations in your CSS while allowing for quick and easy development.

Image Replacement

Utilize the .text-hide class or mixin to help replace an element's text content with a background image.

Hiding text with .text-hide will keep it accessible to assistive technology users. .text-hide is different from .sr-only, where .text-hide will hide only the text, and .sr-only will hide the entire element.

This utility is also available in responsive variants of the form .text{-sm|-md|-lg|-xl}-hide, similar to the other typography utilities.

<h1 class="text-hide">Custom heading</h1>

Hiding the text and showing an image replacement is easily done using a background-image.

CAST Figuration

<h1 class="text-hide" style="background-image: url('/assets/brand/figuration-solid.svg'); width: 3rem; height: 3rem;">CAST Figuration</h1>

Below is an example of using the text-hide() mixin in your Sass.

CAST Figuration

// Usage as a mixin
.heading {
width: 3rem;
height: 3rem;
background-image: url('/assets/brand/figuration-solid.svg');

@include text-hide;
<h1 class="heading">CAST Figuration</h1>