Object Fit

Use the object fit utilities to modify how the content of a replaced element, such as an <img> or <video>, should be resized to fit its container.

How it works

Change the value of the object-fit property with our responsive object-fit utility classes. This property tells the content to fill the parent container in a variety of ways, such as preserving the aspect ratio or stretching to take up as much space as possible.

Classes for the value of object-fit are named using the format .object-fit-{value}. Choose from the following values:

  • contain
  • cover
  • fill
  • scale (for scale-down)
  • none


Add the object-fit-{value} class to the replaced element:

Object fit contain Object fit cover Object fit fill Object fit scale down Object fit none
<img src="..." class="object-fit-contain border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-cover border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-fill border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-scale border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-none border radius" alt="...">


Responsive variations also exist for each object-fit value using the format .object-fit-{breakpoint}-{value}, for the following breakpoint abbreviations: sm, md, lg, and xl. Classes can be combined for various effects as you need.

Contain on sm Contain on md Contain on lg Contain on xl
<img src="..." class="object-fit-sm-contain border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-md-contain border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-mg-contain border radius" alt="...">
<img src="..." class="object-fit-xl-contain border radius" alt="...">


The .object-fit-{value} and responsive .object-fit-{breakpoint}-{value} utilities also work on <video> elements.

<video src="..." class="object-fit-contain" autoplay></video>
<video src="..." class="object-fit-cover" autoplay></video>
<video src="..." class="object-fit-fill" autoplay></video>
<video src="..." class="object-fit-scale" autoplay></video>
<video src="..." class="object-fit-none" autoplay></video>

SASS Reference


The available Customization options, or Sass variables, that can be customized for this grouping of utility classes.

Name Type Default Description
$enable-utility-object-fit boolean true Enable the generation of the object fit utility classes.
$utility-object-fit-breakpoints string map-keys($grid-breakpoints) Map of breakpoints that will be used to generate object fit utilities.
$utility-object-fit string
(contain: contain,
cover: cover,
fill: fill,
scale: scale-down,
none: none)
Map of values that will be used to generate object fit utilities.


No mixins available.